"I’m deeply committed to public service and I believe we can bring people together around common goals and new ideas."

La Mesa City Councilmember Patricia Dillard

"I’m deeply committed to public service and I believe we can bring people together around common goals and new ideas.

Patricia Dillard, Candidate for La Mesa City Council


Patricia was born and raised in San Diego and has called La Mesa home for over 25 years. She has three children and two grandchildren. Patricia’s career spans close to 40 years working in business development, customer service, and sales for large and small businesses. In addition to her professional career, she has dedicated herself to community service. She has served as a minister’s wife, is an active member of the Church of Christ, and has worked to advance women and minority owned businesses. More recently, she serves as the Vice Chair of the Community Police Oversight Board for the City of La Mesa.


As a small business owner and resident of La Mesa for 25 years, I will ensure our community, families, and children are the focus of our post COVID-19 recovery and can live happy and healthy lives in our city.

Now that restaurants, schools, and our neighborhoods are reopening, our city needs to build on what has made La Mesa great while recognizing that the COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped our economy, education system, neighborhoods, and futures. 

Patricia Dillard together with her husband

Many of our families, children, and neighbors are still struggling with employment, childcare, remote learning, and getting their business up and running after the closures. 

We need to make sure that small businesses get back on their feet, that parents have the support they need to return back to work virtually or in person, that youth in our community have access to training programs and entry level positions so that they can start their careers, and that those who live in La Mesa can afford to live here.

"We need to get La Mesa on track by ensuring access to economic opportunities, healthy neighborhoods, and high quality education of tomorrow."



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