Assemblymember Akilah Weber

Dr. Akilah Weber, CA Assemblymember District 79

“I’m proud to endorse Patricia Dillard for the La Mesa City Council. Through her work at the Community Police Oversight Board Patricia has shown that she is committed to public service and working together with all different stakeholders. Patricia has a new perspective and fresh ideas that she will use to build on our great legacy. I know Patricia will work hard to improve our city for all our residents and I’m looking forward to working together with her.”


Mayor Dr. Mark Arapostathis

"As your mayor, I highly encourage you to vote for Patricia Dillard for La Mesa City Council. I too am passionate about education and I've seen how much Patricia truly believes that high quality education is the best way to ensure people can improve their lives."

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La Mesa City Councilmember Colin Parent

"Patricia Dillard has a proven record of public service in our community. I'm proud to endorse her, and look forward to working with her on the La Mesa City Council."

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La Mesa Council Member Jack Shu

“Patricia will bring to the La Mesa City Council a sound and reasonable approach to governance which will serve everyone.”


Bill Baber, La Mesa Councilmember​

“Patricia will bring to the La Mesa City Council a sound and reasonable approach to governance which will serve everyone.”

Dr. Janet Castaños

Dr. Janet Castaños, Chair of the Community Police Oversight Board

“Having worked together with Patricia on the Community Police Oversight Board and various other community projects, I know how passionate she is about public service. Patricia will always put the community first and she knows how to bring people together around common goals.”

tina (1)

Tina Cowick-Rynberg, La Mesa Foothill Democratic Club*

"Patricia Dillard is the most qualified candidate to join the La Mesa City Council. Patricia has lived in La Mesa for 25 years and has raised her family there. She has the heart and drive - she's already doing the work for the people of La Mesa. She's also uniquely qualified to continue the work that Dr. Akilah Weber began on the City Council. She's committed, she's compassionate, she's smart, and she will not quit for the people of La Mesa." *Title for identification purposes only


Andrea Beth Damsky, L.Ac.

"Patricia Dillard has earned my trust through the work she has done for the City of La Mesa. I am proud to endorse her candidacy, and look forward to her representation on City Council."


Jessica Hayes, Past Chair San Diego County Democratic Party and resident of La Mesa

"We need Patricia Dillard who is rational, thoughtful and has good common sense in her vision for the future for all of us in our City. "

"The La Mesa POA is pleased to endorse Patricia Dillard in her campaign for La Mesa City Council. Patricia has made public safety a top priority for La Mesa, ensuring our City remains safe and continues to be the Jewel of the Hills."

"We endorse Patricia Dillard for La Mesa City Council because she is committed to ensuring our fire department has the resources they need to keep our families safe. "


Val Macedo, Business Manager / Secretary Treasurer, LIUNA Laborers Local 89

"We proudly endorse Patricia Dillard for La Mesa City Council. We know Patricia has the drive and the commitment to support working families and work hard to provide high-quality jobs for the people in her community. We look forward to working with her to strengthen La Mesa's economy and its workforce."

California Secretary of State, Shirley N. Weber, Ph.D.


California State Senate President pro Tempore Toni G. Atkins

Democratic congressional candidate Sara Jacobs in San Diego, CA on Tuesday December 3, 2019. Photographer: Christopher Dilts / Sara Jacobs for Congress

Congresswoman Sara Jacobs, District 53

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Council President pro Tem Monica Montgomery Steppe (District 4)


Dr. LaWana, President of the Democratic Woman's Club of San Diego

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Racquel Vasquez, Mayor of Lemon Grove

Cheryl Robertson

Governing Board President | Lemon Grove School District Communications Director | Spring Valley Lemon Grove Democratic Club  AD-79 Delegate | California Democratic Party

Moms Demand Action - Gun Sense Candidate

Patricia's addition to the La Mesa City Council would be extremely wonderful and at the same time provide the City of La Mesa with a person who understands the benefits of being a team-player, is committed to service, and can create a cohesive work environment, all of which is essential in building positive community partnerships. During the four decades I've known Patricia, she has never let anyone down, and I strongly believe she will never let down the City of La Mesa.

“Patricia is a very honest, sincere person who cares about other people and always wants to help where she can. I believe she would be a great addition to the City Council because she will improve La Mesa for all residents and make the city a better place to live.”

“Patricia and I have been good friends for over 15 years and during that time I’ve seen how devoted she is to our community. She has worked tirelessly to advance women and minority owned businesses. When I needed help Patricia was there for me until I got back on my feet. Her dedication to any task is what sets her apart from others. She does not give up until the mission is complete. I know she will continue this important work with the City Council. She is a true value and asset to the community of La Mesa."

"I am voting for Patricia Dillard because she is passionate about our city and genuinely wants to see it thrive. What I love and respect about Patricia is that she works to understand an issue thoroughly to provide impactful solutions. Her policies and leadership will make La Mesa a much stronger community."